Why People Are Leaving Religions in Droves?

One could put this down to space travel and realisation that heaven and hell are myths, and that is a viable concept. Another factor which is less obvious has to do with the number of people who are disillusioned with religious claims that the officials within them speak for God. There is also a third factor that is even less noticeable and it concerns those who have some degree of memory or inkling of reincarnation.Everyone questions why we are here and at this time. What is life about and why do we suffer and how is pain an answer to one’s spirituality? In other words, why do some put themselves through rigorous and dangerous pilgrimages to prove their loyalty to the God they worship?With memory of my reincarnation it has presented problems when it comes to explaining it to others. There is a blanket of disbelieve and yet curiosity as people struggle with a twinge of familiarity or insight into something they may have experienced but forgotten. They feel connected when talking about it and yet they find few willing to listen.The scenario in answer to these questions and problems in my opinion is the control the Spirit has over its own. The latter are called the ‘children of Israel’ in the bible (Isaiah 5:4,7) and they are those who were seeded with Spirit some 4,000 years ago. They are written into the tree of life (Revelation 19:21) and are protected while going through the fires of refinement.What else makes sense when God is the potter (Jeremiah 18:6) who breaks down and builds up again until the vessel is perfect and strong enough to hold the power that comes with full spirituality? Religion is the pain, the fire, and the substance meant to test them. Six times over we have died and returned (Job 5:19-22) but the seventh time is now and we are in the last days.There is proof of these words in the massive population spike that shows that all are back (Isaiah 26:19) and they are tested and judged. They are leaving religions in droves because they are seeking the real God and not the false one represented by statues, icons, and ideologies that lead to nowhere. The Spirit is now pouring over the children of Israel and miracles of healing are taking place (Ezekiel 39:29) but not in religious institutions.People are pouring out of them because there is much better on offer in the New Age and Pentecostal places where God is working.

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